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Around the Lakes has never been the sole work of a single individual.  It has always been the compilation of thoughts, ideas, and work of many.  Without the help and participation that ATL has seen it never would have developed in to what it is now.


Thanks to Otter for having the guts to try something different despite what society views as normal or correct, and bringing others along for the ride with you

for doing the content and design of these pages


Thanks to Tad Gralewski for being dumb enough to follow Otter on the first ATL

for doing the writing that is seen on the ATL pages


Thanks to Chris Lewinski for creating the ATL logo that is seen on the ATL pages

a link to his web page


Thanks to Pop Otter, a.k.a. Mr. Gary for implanting the roots of this madness into your son and truly starting this ball rolling.   Were it not for your stories, none of this would have even materialized.  For that, we are all eternally grateful.


Thanks to Grandma Lewinski for many times opening her home to a bunch of crazy riders and serving up a breakfast that is second to none.