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Around the Lakes, or ATL as it's known, is simply an opportunity.  For some, it's an opportunity to do the unimaginable or unthinkable.  For others, it's a way to return to a simpler time and place that they once knew but may have forgotten about for some time.  For us, it's an excuse to get on the road, throw away the watches, pagers, and email, and enjoy time with good friends, good roads, and create great memories. Over five days, the ATL riders enjoy the open road and all that comes with it.  As we trace the outlines of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, we are treated to beautiful and spectacular sights that so few actually get a chance to enjoy.  In Michigan, the bluffs and dunes that surround Lake Michigan offer incredible views of the shoreline and are complimented by the occasional lighthouse.  Crossing into Canada, the deep blue water of Lake Superior blends perfectly with the deep green pine forests and emits a unforgettable scent as you ride through the desolate Ontario province. Heading down the western shores of Lake Superior in Minnesota, the wind blows across the Great Lake as the green trees and cut rock makes your mind wander into a state of peaceful bliss.  Underneath Gitchee Gumee, the roads through northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula wind through some of the most luscious and thick virgin forests you will find in America.  There are times where the road will tighten up and test your riding ability, and other times where it seems to disappear into the endless horizon. Nonetheless, each and every mile has something different to offer, and often the beauty is so overwhelming, you will have difficulty finding the words to express how you feel.  Luckily, there will be others with you who have seen the same things and will understand now why you came this way.

The Around the Lakes trip is one that both the inexperienced rider and the seasoned veteran can enjoy equally, and requires only two days off from work for 5 days of riding as we typically schedule this trip for Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend.  While there may be large groups of motorcycles, it's up to each rider to decide what's best for them.  If that means you ride by yourself for a while, so be it.  If a couple of riders want to spend the day riding together, great.  This may be a group trip, but we encourage each individual to customize the trip in order to suit their own needs.  We will never hold you to a schedule, rather point you in the general direction, give you a few hints, and set you free.  Freedom after all is the basis of motorcycling.

For some, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we encourage anyone who wants to find out more about motorcycling and themselves to join us for this adventure.  We hope that this once in a lifetime opportunity opens your eyes to another way of thinking, and that you decide to join us each and every year, and see what each year holds for us.  Either way, we'd love to see you out there and share the road with you.